Creating a Sales Team That Wins

Recession, depression, or economic boom… it doesn’t matter. Creating a winning sales team isn’t just important. It’s possible no matter what economic conditions your business or industry might be facing. Winning sales teams aren’t “winners” because of any one, single thing that they do. Management alone or a great CRM system isn’t enough to push your team beyond the competition.

Then again, there’s no “magic formula,” but we do have some tips and tricks from our own experience for creating a dynamic sales team…

#1 Powerful Lead Tools

We have found that successful sales teams have powerful lead generation and lead tracking tools at their disposal. If you want your sales team to really hit their stride, then you need to give them the appropriate tools to do it.

On any given day, we all have dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of clients that are riding the fence. Having the ability to know where each one of those clients sits is key. Start tagging leads (#7 on this list) with essential information.

#2 Unified Front

Furthermore, those powerful tools need to be housed in software programs that are used across the board. Mobile technology and high speed internet have made it possible to do business from just about anywhere. Chances are, you have people working outside of your main office(s).

It’s more important now than ever before to keep a unified front. One effective way to do this is by making sure all of your sales team is using the same CRM software in the sales process. This also makes things easier for you when you have to transfer accounts to new team members.

#3 Vital Signs = Vital Competition

Doctors are able to make effective decisions only when they know the patient’s vital signs. In the same way, your sales team must have a grip on its own vital signs:

  • How many leads convert?
  • Where are our leads coming from?
  • What’s the protocol for engaging a customer we haven’t heard from in 6 weeks?

These are a few of the countless questions that your sales team needs answers to. Hopefully, your CRM system will help provide those answers.

Once you have those vital signs available, leverage them to foster a competitive atmosphere, which is also vital to your team’s success. For example, if you know what your average conversion rate is, then you can incentivize individuals on the sales team to attain higher personal conversion rates.

#4 Grow or Get Out of the Way

Lastly, members of a winning sales team are growing individuals. Be intentional about inner-promotion and increasing responsibilities. Sales people are especially focused on growth, numbers, and promotion.

If members of your sales team aren’t growing and improving, it’s time they step aside, and move out of the way.

What makes a winning sales team in your opinion?

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