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Since 1995, our global negotiation training and consulting firm has been working with organizations from Fortune 50 to champion NBA teams to small businesses, and with roles from CEOs to sales leaders to procurement agents. While training helps to upskill organizations, our negotiation consulting, or real deal coaching, takes it to a whole new level of practical and relevant. We roll up our sleeves and help our clients negotiate deals of any size and complexity from start to finish.

What Does a Negotiation Consultant Do?

What exactly does a negotiation consultancy do, you might ask? And how do we do it? We get these questions often. Negotiation consulting is the advising of people and organizations on critical negotiations. There are three core aspects related to our negotiation consulting:


We do not negotiate on your behalf but instead provide behind-the-scenes coaching.


We have two goals - to get a better result and to develop our client’s negotiators.


We implement a process, advise throughout the negotiation, and reflect on the result.
While we do sometimes get asked to come in when a negotiation has gone awry to help save things under immense time pressure, the best partnerships are when we are brought in early and have time to craft the strategy and timelines from the get-go.

“These guys are brilliant”

Tony Robbins, NYT best-selling author, philanthropist, and world-renowned life and business strategist

Why Hire SNI’s Negotiation Consultants?

Our clients typically hire us not only because we bring extensive negotiation experience to the table, meaning, we’ve led or advised on countless negotiations from small amounts to billions of dollars in size, but also because of our unique research and thought leadership in the space. From our five best-selling books on this topic, including Wall Street Journal and New York Times Best Sellers, to our independent and university-partnered research, our decades of experience teaching at some of the world’s most respected universities, to our consistently being featured in publications from Harvard Business Review to Fortune to Forbes.

Setting Yourself Up For Successful Negotiations

Successful negotiation consultants balance getting into the details of all of the comparables/precedents, walking through the alternatives both parties have, and scripting out future communication, with the higher level strategy of whether or not to make first offers, when to engage, and who should be involved on our client’s team, and why.

Having an objective third party helps to balance the emotional roller coaster of a complex negotiation. Whether it’s reminding your team, when we sense impatience that negotiation is a process, not an event, or roleplaying your delivery of a first offer so that you deliver it with confidence, these are the types of activities that lead to better results.

Persuade Best Seller
The Power of Nice: How to Negotiate So Everyone Wins by Ronald M. Shapiro

“Not only did the deal coaching produce an immediate ROI, it also implemented a systematic approach for us to negotiate future deals more effectively.”

Ted Baugh, Director of Corporate Partnerships

Proof It Works

There is a reason that we humbly have worked with 15 Fortune 50 companies, advised NBA championship General Managers, dramatically increased revenues at large sales organizations, and changed the culture and dramatically improved results of global procurement teams.
While there will always be uncertainty and emotion with negotiation, having the right processes and people on the team will help to increase confidence, decrease risk, and ultimately improve performance. We know this because we’ve consistently delivered it.

“I was very skeptical of SNI and their ability to help our organization at the start. I will freely admit that I was 100% wrong. Working with SNI has made our group stronger and more confident than I could have ever imagined. Their guidance and partnership have helped our group not only create better deals with players and agents, but it has also helped us tremendously improve our internal processes and communication as well.”

RC Buford, General Manager, San Antonio Spurs

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