How is Negotiating Skills Training Relevant to Your Sales Career?

Advanced negotiation skills are essential when working in a sales environment The tension can sometimes rise in situations in which parties feel they are not being heard, or they are not getting the best deal. In 2018, good communication skills are sometimes forgotten due to connections via technology. Sometimes it is important to get back to basics and revisit your negotiation skills.


Everyone Needs Negotiation Skills

The world of sales is not just black and white. Being able to negotiate with different parties will produce a better outcome when offering a pitch. Advanced negotiation skills mean you have more to offer a client in terms of empathy and understanding. Negotiation skills benefit all parties during a discussion and can sometimes help to defuse any tension. A discussion without tension feels much more relaxed for everyone and usually produces a better end result. Of course, there is a huge difference between feeling relaxed and being a pushover during the negotiation process. Be ready to stand your ground when the need arises, and to know the difference between backing down and giving up.


Close the Deal with a Win-Win

A good negotiator knows both parties need to feel as though they have won at the end of a sales agreement. You are more likely to gain a repeat customer if your client feels he or she walked away with a good deal. Being aggressive while closing a deal might get you what you want, but it can really hurt a future relationship with a client. Taking a small loss during the negotiation might actually lead to a bigger win later. A win-win situation comes with advanced negotiation skills and patience.


Give Profit Margins a Boost

By negotiating your contracts, you may find the extra profit margins end up right in your pocket. Drug companies will go to great lengths to make sure the largest margin of profit stays in their pockets. These companies often reward sales reps with advanced negotiation skills by padding their paychecks. Other industries do the same. Obtaining savings for your company is the mark of an advanced sales representative and requires training in negotiation. Paying for negotiation training now could mean a bigger return on your investment in the future.


Build Confidence

There is nothing more intimidating than heading into a high-pressure business meeting. The anticipation may weigh you down, but if you have negotiation skills to lean on, you can feel confident you will be ready to handle whatever comes your way. Training to develop your advanced negotiation skills focuses on how to view the situation from all sides. Instead of just throwing out a sales pitch, learn to listen to your client and apply what he or she is telling you about the presentation. Answer their questions and be ready with facts to back up your side of the story. You will feel more confident inside, and you will look more confident and give a more polished presentation. We like to say – Nothing convinces like conviction.


Work to Gain Mutual Respect

Listen to your clients, because you will learn things about their businesses that can help you to respect their positions. Tailor your presentation to the products that would help their particular situation. You will gain the respect of your clients by not wasting their time pitching something they have no interest in purchasing. When your client respects you, and you respect their business, you gain a mutual understanding. Be sure to make notes immediately upon leaving your presentation so the next time you visit you will not have to start from square one. Review your notes for each client before attending your next meeting with them to continue the feeling of respect. Customers appreciate a personalized sales experience and will continue coming back if they feel you gave them what they were want.

To brush up on your advanced negotiation skills, sign up for our next negotiation training. SNI has more than 20 years of negotiation experience and more than 250,000 participants. Expect to see an immediate positive impact for your business.

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