A Step-by-Step Guide to Negotiating With Difficult People

Negotiation is an essential part of life for anyone in a business or sales industry. To be successful and achieve your goals, you must be able to complete a successful negotiation. That is a skill that is learned over time, but certain challenges can arise, even for the most experienced negotiators. Negotiating with difficult or […]

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The Power of Emotional Intelligence in Sales

For many years, emotions have not played a significant role in business and sales circles. Many people believed the best way to achieve your goals in a sales setting was to remove the emotional aspect from it completely so that you could focus solely on making a successful business. In recent years, however, experts have

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A Classic Negotiation Framework

Having a strong groundwork for negotiations can allow you to be more confident during discussions and lead to better outcomes. When you are required to negotiate often for your business and your clients, it’s essential that you have a systematic approach to negotiations that is flexible and dependable. No matter how negotiations play out, it’s

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A Woman’s Guide to Negotiation

In any male-dominated industry, women often have to work twice as hard for the same positions and the respect of their peers. From marketing departments to the legal field, women have been breaking the glass ceiling in terms of bringing more female empowerment to the workplace. Supporting women begins with taking a more forward approach

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What Is Multiparty Negotiation?

Often, when we talk about negotiation, we do so in reference to two parties collaborating to find a common solution. Though this is certainly the nature of some negotiations, many times, negotiators have to deal with more than one other person. Multiparty negotiations are exceedingly common, and it is important to understand them if you

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10 Best Negotiation Books

Business professionals are lifelong learners, which means there is always room for education when it comes to refining their negotiating skills. Constant self-examination of your negotiating tactics is important so you can identify what is working and where there is room for improvement. Reading books on the topic of negotiating is a great way for

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Face Negotiation Theory: Everything You Need To Know

Our global economy continues to expand, which means the need to conduct business discussions and negotiations with people from a variety of backgrounds continues to grow. Face-Negotiation Theory was developed by Stella Ting-Toomey to understand how people from different cultures communicate as they manage disagreements and sensitive situations. This theory refers to “face” as a

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