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The Power of Nice

Negotiation (ne·go·ti·a·tion)

Interaction Aimed at Reaching a Solution

Negotiation is a critical business skill. It impacts organizations not only in the informal everyday interactions people have with colleagues, clients, potential clients, and suppliers, but also in the formal transactions that directly impact the bottom line – the margin on each sale, the concession we make on a vendor agreement, the outcome of internal budget discussions, etc. That’s why our negotiation training program focuses on implementing a systematic process that maximizes internal and external deals and helps maintain an ongoing relationship long after “the deal is done.”

With something so important, why take a risk? Shapiro Negotiations Institute (SNI) brings 23 years, 6 continents, and 250,000+ participants of negotiation training experience. Work with us to get: Instant Impact. Sustainable Skills. Measurable Results.

The Power of Nice: How to Negotiate So Everyone Wins by Ronald M. Shapiro
Based on our best-selling book

The Power of Nice

SNI’s negotiation training is based on the newly revised and updated edition of the renowned classic, The Power of Nice – written by Ron Shapiro, our founder, and negotiations expert, sports agent, New York Times bestselling author, attorney, business leader, and educator.

What are the Three Phases of Negotiation?

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SNI’s Systematic Approach


Experienced negotiators understand that the negotiation starts well before you get to the table. As a result, SNI strongly believes in using a tool, such as our Preparation Checklist, to prepare for negotiations. After all, preparation is the only aspect of negotiation over which you have complete control.

Probe & Listen

Any negotiation training program worth its investment must focus on probing and listening. While we often say “We talked them into it,” research shows that the best negotiators are typically those who listen more than they speak. There’s a reason why seasoned negotiators say, “Listening is the cheapest concession you can make.” To develop this skill we provide a model to help structure questions that go beyond the other side’s position to their interests and practical tips for mindful listening. The result? Better information, better deals, and deeper relationships.


There are a few fundamental guidelines that skilled negotiators are aware of and keep in mind before making offers.  We will help you understand these guidelines by answering questions such as, “When do I make the first offer?” and “How high should my offer be?” Those who follow the principles maximize their return in any negotiation, while still allowing the other side to walk away satisfied.

Advanced Modules

Overcoming Objections

We provide immediately applicable techniques to anticipate and respond to common objections.


Participants will learn negotiation tactics and how to recognize and respond when the other side uses them.

Mastering Negotiation

Videotaped role play simulates real or realistic negotiations that allow participants to see themselves and be coached in real time.

Instant Application

SNI’s negotiation training program includes extensive simulation for participants to practice their enhanced negotiation skills.  Participants have the opportunity to work on a current situation so they can immediately have a real-life application of the lessons taught during the workshop. This type of instant application allows managers to immediately assess the impact of the negotiation training on their teams’ effectiveness outside of the classroom.

Flexible Delivery

Our negotiation training can be delivered in various ways:


Whether it’s a business conference, regional meeting, or executive retreat, sometimes the most effective message is short on time, but high on impact.


Includes working with clients on real deals to be better prepared, designing strategy and communication, and identifying content and skill gaps.

Classroom Training

SNI believes that instructor-led classroom negotiation skills training continues to be the most impactful method to drive sustained behavioral change. Within this modality, SNI offers negotiation skills courses ranging from a half-day to three days in length.

Virtual Training

From adaptive learning platforms to interactive mobile training, SNI provides an array of online training solutions to meet the demanding needs of any organization. SNI’s negotiation training is most commonly implemented through three to six 90-minute live interactive online sessions.

Benefits of Our Negotiations Training

  • Closing more deals, faster, and at better margins
  • Developing deeper business relationships to improve your bottom line
  • Increasing confidence and results 
  • Collaborating more effectively internally and externally

Our Unique and Holistic Approach

We believe that to offer effective training it takes extensive effort before and after the live session(s). Below are the three aspects that we believe are critical to a successful training program.


All participants are asked to complete a brief questionnaire before attending the program in order to assess their negotiation skills, assist with the customization process, and ensure the content is personalized and impactful.


SNI conducts an interactive program with engaging exercises. This training can occur in the classroom, online, or via a blended solution that typically integrates with other organizational initiatives. While the live session is what people remember, it’s the pre-work, customization, and reinforcement before and after that makes it impactful.


SNI offers clients access to several reinforcement options to ensure that the learning from the initial program is implemented and sustained. Options include Online Videotaped Roleplay & Coaching, Field Guides, Mobile App, Customized Job-Aids, Podcasts, Email Campaigns, Online Courseware, Synchronous negotiations training (Zoom, GoToMeeting, Webex), and Asynchronous online training (Brainshark, Cogbooks).


This is a video testimonial from one of our clients, with almost $10 billion in revenue and over a century of experience leading the health sciences industry, DSM is one of the most respected organizations in its field.

Our Methodology


Using exercises, simulations, and case studies to ensure that participants conduct negotiations within the training.


Customizing the content and tools so that participants don’t have to guess or infer, “How would I use this in my job after lunch?”


Providing a systematic process that is impactful and can be repeated and sustained across an organization.


Reinforcing the learning with a mobile app, field guides for managers, coaching, and videotaped roleplay.

What Our Clients Say

SNI Impact - San Antonio Spurs

“I was very skeptical of SNI and their ability to help our organization at the start. We have a very talented group and did not initially grasp the benefits of working with SNI. I will freely admit that I was 100% wrong. Working with SNI has made our group stronger and more confident than I could have ever imagined. Their guidance and partnership has helped our group not only create better deals with players and agents, it has helped us tremendously improve our internal processes and communication as well. There is no doubt that we are always very well prepared no matter what situation we encounter. SNI is now just another part of our Spurs family and we’re very grateful for their continuous support.”

– President, San Antonio Spurs
negotiation training testimonials from President of Sony Pictures Television
“Now more than ever, the principles of your Power of Nice seminar must be the principles for our doing business. With so much stress and uncertainty coming from events we can’t control, your systematic approach gives us the opportunity to do good deals and build relationships with respect to matters we can control. The Power of Nice is working in our daily lives as well. It’s a life lesson as well as a business lesson.”
– President, Sony Pictures Television
success stories - Bank of America Developing Front-Line Negotiation Skills
“It is very common in post-program evaluations for participants to say that SNI’s negotiation training programs had a greater impact on them than any other program they’ve taken at our company.”
– Vice President, Bank of America

“I highly recommend SNI for negotiation training. SNI really focused on our needs and customized our training so that we got as much out of it as possible. The pre-work was instrumental in engaging our team and fostering learning. We’ve been able to take what we learned and apply it to our daily responsibilities.”

— Senior Manager, Contracts, Collins Aerospace

Why Negotiation Training?

The case for negotiation training is very strong. Negotiation skills are some of the most important traits of a skilled business person. These skills translate into better leadership and communication skills, help to avoid conflict, and improve individual and company performance. We understand this intuitively since almost any role in an organization would benefit from someone who is prepared, asks great questions, listens, and communicates with confidence. However, we also have research – a study conducted by Dr. ElShenawy – that shows a clear improvement in people who participated in negotiation training. The study found, as we would expect, that people were quickly (e.g. 10 hours) able to develop specific skills that transfer into real negotiations and in turn improve individual and company performance. Based on our decades of experience working with companies all over the world very few other types of training can have a significant impact as quickly to the bottom line of a company.

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