Virtual Training

VTP Corporate Training in 3D Virtual Worlds

Virtual Training Partners is offering its Introduction to Corporate Training in 3D Virtual Worlds on Wednesday, April 27, 2011 at 12pm EST. This program will be of particular interest to Training Professionals who are interested in learning about the latest innovations in Avatar-based training techniques. During this one hour program, participants will: Learn the benefits and […]

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Virtual vs. Live Training

I am often asked whether or not the new Virtual Training technology will eventually eliminate the need for face-to-face training.  I simply ask them:  Did people stop going to church after Guttenberg printed the first bible?  Let’s face it, distance learning started the minute Guttenberg finished with his printing press.  In 1950, my dad learned how

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Virtual Reality

For over 15 years, SNI has been conducting training programs and providing real deal consulting services that have helped our clients generate and save millions of dollars and secure long-lasting partnerships. While we are undoubtedly proud of these accomplishments, we’re also extremely excited about the next evolution of our company: Virtual Training Partners. For year,

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