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We find that clients often don’t have the time, budget, or desire to implement training programs, so we are often brought in as keynote speakers. Whether they are meant to be motivational, entertaining, humorous, or provide a specific business skill, we have guest speakers and topics for every occasion.


Some of our keynote clients:

800x800_Sherwin Williams
Verizon Business - Negotiations Skills

Here are our two most requested keynote speakers and their topics:

Jeff Cochran, Teaching Negotiations at Shapiro Negotiations Institute
Jeff Cochran – Partner

Jeff is a Partner at SNI. He has been with the firm for well over a decade, and over that time has delivered award winning presentations from 15 minutes in length to three days, and in doing so, serves as both an educator and entertainer. Prior to SNI, Jeff served as an Account Manager for Tessco Technologies managing over 250 accounts while also serving as corporate sales trainer internally. He began his career working in Nepal as a Peace Corp Volunteer in the area of micro-lending.

See for yourself how good Jeff is…

Jeff Cochran In Action - Partner | Shapiro Negotiations Institute
Jeff Cochran In Action - Partner | Shapiro Negotiations Institute
How good is Jeff?
  • #1 speaker at Strategic Account Managers Association conference
  • #1 speaker at Training Magazine’s conference


Most Popular Topics:
  • Strategic Account Manager’s Guide to Negotiation
  • Influencing Your Customers and Colleagues
  • The Future of Influencing
  • Accessing Your Inner Creative Genius


And, what do his peers say?

“Jeff Cochran defies industry clichés in a sharply refreshing and instructive way.  He has successfully negotiated around the world from small farmers in mud huts to contracts of superstar athletes. He is one of the best, and funniest, speakers on negotiation which is why I bring him back year after year to speak at my events.”

Tony Robbins

Chip Tames Keynote Speakers at Shapiro Negotiations Institute
Chip Tames – Partner

Chip (Charles) is a Partner at SNI. Between SNI and Dale Carnegie, Chip has been a highly sought-after speaker and trainer for 20 years. During his time at Dale Carnegie, Chip was awarded an “Excellence in Instruction” award. At SNI, he has consistently ranked as one of the top speakers at virtually every conference he speaks at.

What makes Chip unique? Its his sense of humor and “down-to-earth” approach that has clients flying him all over the world – England, France, Germany, China, Australia, and Philippines, to name a few.


Sample feedback from a recent session at Boeing:
  • “This has to be the best I have ever taken.”
  • “PHENOMINAL! Keep audience engaged amazingly interesting, exceptionally knowledgeable and super informative. Boeing needs to continue using these guys!!!!”


Most Popular Topics:
  • A Crash Course in Negotiation for Salespeople
  • How to Negotiate and Influence More Effectively
  • What Does the Other Side Really Want?


Here is Chip in action:
Chip In Action 1
SNI also has partnerships with several other organizations that provide unique guest speakers and keynote speakers. Here are the most frequently requested:
Gerry Sandusky

Gerry Sandusky is a sports broadcaster and the radio play-by-play for the Baltimore Ravens. He brings years of experience as a communicator, a broadcaster, a coach, and business owner to your audience. He does so through engaging, insightful, passionate, and entertaining public speaking.  Gerry will inspire and motivate your audience.

Gerry is a popular keynote speaker at conferences, business meetings, and retreats, throughout the country. His most common topics include:

  • The Perception Pyramid™-The Secret Behind How We Really Communicate
  • The Crooked Yardstick, redefining how we measure success
  • Maximize Your ROI—Return on Impression™
  • Impact Communication: How to get your audience to take action
  • Above the Visible Line: the secrets of effective leadership communication
  • The Four Pillars: Four sports-based principles that build success stories in all walks of life

Ed Wallace is the President of AchieveNEXT-Human Capital. He consults with and speaks for corporations and associations across the globe with a client list that is a Who’s Who of Fortune 500 companies. He is the author of Fares to Friends, Creating Relational Capital, Business Relationships That Last, and his most recent #1 Bestseller The Relationship Engine. In addition, Ed is currently on the Executive Education faculty of Drexel’s LeBow College of Business and Villanova University’s Human Resources Master’s program.

Ed’s most frequently requested topics include:

  • Creating Relational Capital: This keynote synthesizes over 25 years of business experience and the wisdom that Ed learned from a taxi driver. In as little as 20 minutes and as long as a full day, Ed explains the essential qualities of Relational Capital – Credibility, Integrity, and Authenticity. Relational Capital may be an intangible asset but it can be created, developed, and used to boost your revenues and productivity.
Greg Dinkin

Greg Dinkin is a successful poker champion, entrepreneur, TV host, consultant, and the creator of the Poker MBA. He brings unique experience from winning a World Series of Poker event, to having authored four books, to having served as a TV host, college athlete, health coach, corporate spy for Inter-Continental Hotels, consultant for PwC, and co-founded a literary agency. It is this diverse experience combined with his engaging personality and facilitation style that will obtain and keep the attention of your audience.

What do you get out of the Poker MBA?

  • Poker strategy applied to business and decision-making in a way that is actionable and unforgettable
  • Improve your ability to manage emotions and make decisions in the midst of chaos
  • Learn how to read non-verbal communication to better negotiation and manage others
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