How Email Marketing Increases Sales

According to Sarah Kilborne of the Huffington Post, email marketing enables companies to do three things at once: remind, promote, and boost sales. If done right, email marketing will do all three of these things, while building a stronger loyalty to your company. Quickly becoming embedded in the marketing world, email marketing, along with social media and mobile marketing, will grow to 26% of all advertising by 2016. According to Forrester’s interactive marketing forecast, advertisers will spend $77 billion on these marketing techniques.

With numbers like these, executives who want to increase business sales and establish connections cannot afford to not advertise their company over email. But what are the benefits of this vital tool?

Advantages of Email Marketing

It saves time. When considering marketing techniques like those that involve mail or the telephone, you can see how email marketing carries a significant advantage. Less time and energy spent = more profit. Email marketing is a great improvement because it only takes a few hours to send a mass email to a very large audience.

You can personalize emails. After a user registers with you on the web and subscribes to your email list, you can send them emails that have their name in them, outdating the old marketing techniques like phone calls that had a stereotypical salesman tone to them. This causes the targeted individual to feel more a part of your business.

It enables you to communicate frequently. Email marketing has revolutionized the way companies stay in touch with their customers. Companies are able to keep their customers informed with less effort. However, flooding user’s inboxes with your emails will likely provoke frustration!

It is less costly. Because it doesn’t require a team of marketing professionals, designers, or employees, email marketing has become one of the least costly ways of advertising a business.

You can track users. Email marketing provides a usable and precise way to determine what your users are up to. Certain email marketing platforms offer businesses ways to monitor their customer’s interest in the emails, identifying what the company can do to make it more appealing.

It is a green way to advertise. An obvious benefit, but one that can be overlooked, is how much better for the environment email marketing is. Email marketing is a smart decision that benefits the planet. This will likely be looked upon favorably by your customers who are trying to be more environmentally friendly.

Are you taking advantage of email marketing?


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