UpCity Highlights SNI’s Belief In Social Proof

“People are influenced heavily by marketing strategies that leverage social proof to affect their behavior as consumers.”- Jordan Stella

As we teach influencing to companies and professionals of all types all over the world, we understand that building credibility is a key component to showcase before you’re able to influence someone. How do you build credibility? One way is to borrow it from others and allow their presence to provide you the platform to start the engagement. Below is our example mentioned in building our credibility through our website and marketing.

“When we A/B tested, having our (recognizable) client names above the fold of the home page provided the best conversions.”  – Andres Lares, Managing Partner & CEO, Shapiro Negotiations Institute

Read Jordan Stella’s full piece “22 Experts Share Powerful Examples of Social Proof for Marketing” in UpCity’s blog.

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