2. Alternatives

Employing alternatives gives you the power of options. Going into a negotiation without options is like going into battle with one weapon. What if the battering ram won’t knock the door down? Did you bring grappling hooks to flight over the walls? If not, you’re not going to get inside. Alternatives make you less dependent …

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1. Precedents

Knowing precedents gives you the power of the past. You can quote or cite, as well as learn from, those events that have already happened, thereby giving legitimacy and credence to your position. Knowing how similar transactions turned out in the past may also guide you in structuring this one. But don’t just focus on …

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Out Prepare to Out Perform

The Seven Prep Steps of the Preparation Planner: 1.      Precedents 2.      Alternatives 3.      Interests 4.      Deadlines 5.      Strengths and Weaknesses 6.      Highest Goal/Walk Away Position 7.      Strategy and Team The Preparation Checklist or Preparation Planner was created to serve as a tool for people from all walks of life to deal with the pressure of …

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Virtual Reality

For over 15 years, SNI has been conducting training programs and providing real deal consulting services that have helped our clients generate and save millions of dollars and secure long-lasting partnerships. While we are undoubtedly proud of these accomplishments, we’re also extremely excited about the next evolution of our company: Virtual Training Partners. For year, …

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Negotiating the “Indirect” Sale: Part I

We are often asked to work with companies and organizations that do not negotiate in the traditional sense of bartering over price (or terms). Some sales representatives do not have any control over pricing or terms due to organizational norms or the commoditization of their products or services. Other companies, such as pharmaceutical firms, are …

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