What is Business Communication?

Business communication incorporates the means to effectively relay information within professional channels. Some of the more popular channels using business communication include television, radio, print media, businesses and the Internet. For effective business communication, most professionals prefer face-to-face interaction. While it may be considered confrontational, face-to-face interaction is also the most direct and easy to …

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What Makes a Good Negotiator

Communication skills can be learned and are often part of effective negotiation training. However, there are some people who are inherently more skilled negotiators than others. Most excellent speakers had the following characteristics from the get-go before they were trained in negotiation: Quick thinking. Being able to think on one’s feet is essential to being a …

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6 Tips for Boosting Employee Confidence

One of the necessary traits for being a successful negotiator and leader is confidence. Without a healthy measure of self-esteem, a person will never be able to achieve their dreams. The following list includes 6 methods of boosting one’s own confidence and the confidence of employees. Recognize strengths: Many managers and authority figures are quick …

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Tips for Effective Communication and Putting Others at Ease

When in a social interaction, business or otherwise, what one says only goes so far. The way it is said, however, can have great influence on how others feel about a person. One method of successfully communicating with others is to show them respect; not only through what is said, but through tone, attitude, and …

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Effectiveness Habits for the 21st Century

The world has been changing rapidly since Steven Covey published his highly successful book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, in 1989. While those skills still hold some relevance, to be truly effective in the 21st century business world requires a new set of tools and competencies. By updating some of Covey’s original habits …

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