Stepping out of the Midweek Slump

Even the most enthusiastic employees can hit a slump around Wednesday or Thursday, so it’s crucial to know strategies that will help them overcome it.

Sleep Well & Wake Up Early

Getting enough rest Tuesday night will keep you alert on Wednesday. Sleeping well and maintaining a good diet will go a long way in preventing mid-week slumps. Sleep deprivation causes your body to work less efficiently, using more energy.

While you are sleeping, your mind organizes your thoughts for better memory and processing during the day. Getting enough rest will help your brain function better and will improve your creativity and alertness.

Wake up on Wednesday with enough time to have breakfast and do something active. Going for a short walk or even stretching will ensure that you don’t pull into work half-asleep. Starting off on the right foot sets the mood for the rest of your day.

Take a Break

Take a mid-day break. Round everyone up for a short coffee break to give them an opportunity to return to work with energy. The break will wake people up and keep them alert.

Schedule a mid-week meeting to get some face-to-face time with employees and allow everyone to speak. Empathize and foster team spirit to end on a positive note and send employees out refreshed.

Be Positive When You Don’t Feel Like It 

Attitude is contagious. When you catch yourself being pessimistic, say the opposite. Negativity causes anxiety and stress, which will affect health and productivity, and is twice as contagious as positivity. Watch what you say around others as complaining is a prime motivation killer. Keep your complaints to yourself and encourage others when they start complaining.

Take a moment to practice some deep breathing techniques to release stress and the tension in your muscles. Combine this with a light stretch and you have a recipe for increased alertness.

Write down your thoughts. The Journal of Research in Personality has shown that writing out your thoughts can enhance positive moods and relieve stress. Negative attitudes are vicious cycles that can be helped with a private outlet.

Redefine Wednesday 

Turn your half empty glass into a half full one by reminding yourself and others that you’re on the downhill slope to the weekend. Personally motivate yourself by doing something fun Wednesday night, like going on a date, watching movies, or having family fun night. Start a mid-week tradition worth looking forward to. 

Create an Energy Diet and Exercise 

Create a diet that sustains your energy and grab some healthy snacks. Some foods to include are eggs, Greek yogurt, edamame, whole grain cereal, trail mix, water, guarana, quinoa, pumpkin seeds, goji berries, nuts, fish, beans, dark leafy vegetables, and dark chocolate.

Exercise also helps boost energy levels. Studies have shown that going for a short mid-day walk can boost your energy more than a nap. Get your blood pumping to wake yourself up and increase your alertness for the rest of the day. Exercising regularly provides endorphins to fight stress and naturally increases your overall energy levels.

Challenge Yourself 

Set up a Wednesday productivity challenge and reward yourself if you meet it. Creating a challenge turns a boring day into a game. Set hourly challenges to keep you alert throughout the day. Even if management does not reward you, reward yourself. Challenging yourself can go a long way in creating motivation at any time during the week. 

Challenge others as well. Creating some friendly competition or a collective goal can boost morale in the whole office. Getting everyone on board and providing a larger reward incentive can turn Wednesday into the most exciting day of the week.

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