Start Your Workday off Right with These 5 Steps

Every office has one: a morning person who skips into the office to begin their day with a grin and a loud greeting. Bypassing the coffee pot entirely, the morning person sits down to plow through the tasks in front of them, cheerily attempting conversation with their fellow officemates. If it seems like they are getting more done than anybody else, it is because they are. However, Super-Productive Suzy may not actually be “a morning person.”

In fact, very few people actually enjoy mornings. Instead, successful morning work is a result of a solid routine and not a genetic anomaly. Subsequently, even morning haters can get their workday started on the right foot if they commit themselves to five easy steps.

1. Exercise before work.

Experts have been telling us for years that it is best to exercise in the morning. Still, people are reluctant to sacrifice their last moments of sleep in favor of going on a run. However, there are a number of reasons for why you should exercise in the morning before work. First, early exercise revs up your metabolism, which means that you will have more energy throughout the day. Second, crossing exercise off of your to do list before you “officially” start your day means that you will head into work with a deep sense of accomplishment.

2. Plan your day.

The most successful people spend the first hour of each workday planning their workdays. When you first get to the office, clear off your desk and get to work on planning the flow of your day. This includes making a detailed list of everything that you need to accomplish.

3. Connect with others.

Many people have a tendency to rush straight to their desks without even acknowledging the people around them. Instead, you should take the morning as a valuable opportunity to connect with your colleagues. Smile, say hello and ask them how they are. The morning is also a great time to check in with people who may need your time later in the day.

4. Ignore your email.

It sounds completely counterintuitive, but the most successful people ignore their email for the first part of the morning. If you rush into checking and answering email, you will miss a valuable opportunity to make a prioritized plan for your day. Instead of spending your first hours at work searching through your inbox, do a quick perusal and respond to only the most important. Later on, when you have more time, you can answer the less-important emails.

5. Plan a break.

Successful people know that they should always plan a midmorning break. This serves two purposes. First, it gives you a set deadline by which you should have all of your morning work completed. Second, a midmorning break serves as a great reward for powering through your morning to-do list.



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