Getting the Most Out of Your Annual Sales Meetings

The good news is that these days, thanks to modern meeting-based software tools and technology, the amount of people suffering from PowerPoint overdose has significantly decreased. In fact, getting the most out of your annual sales meeting can be both fun and less of a headache.

In this article we’re going to look at tips you can use to transform critical annual sales meetings into powerful allies against the hyper competitive and fast-paced marketplace. It’s about keeping attention, giving crucial updates to your sales team, directing focus, priming the wheels for the year to come and inspiring better performance. Let’s get to it.

Tip #1: Condense & Consolidate

It’s literally impossible to keep the human mind engaged at a certain peak level for long. Ask any college professor. Furthermore, the surface intellect can only take in so much information at once before complete loss of focus. Don’t try to stuff every little bit of information in.

  • Cherry-pick the most important, the most relevant and the most inspiring information for the audience.
  • To keep the momentum going make sure you aren’t repeating the same information over and over again. All that does is waste time and attention spans!
  • Stick to the point. Stay on topic. Listen to your guy and when the room begins to get heavy, lighten things up by moving forward.

Stay aware of the clock, but don’t get caught looking at it. If this is your first rodeo, keep a watch somewhere that you can see it but no one else can. As long as you continue to advance the conversation and progress in a timely manner, you’ll get solid results.

Tip #2: Employ Unexpected Formats

There’s really no reason to dim the lights and give a generic PowerPoint presentation anymore. This is the age of virtual meetings and unprecedented conference room software. There are applications around like for example, iMeet, that can add some interaction. In reality the sky is the limit.

  • If you’re going to incorporate some video, that’s great but don’t choose something dry. What’s wrong with a little music?
  • Bring in a guest speaker via Skype, include social media aspects (LinkedIn posts), layer in some audio and employ software that adds contemporary spice to an old business tradition.
  • Remember that the more senses you ask your audience to use, the more into the experience they’ll be. And, the longer the impression afterwards will last. What you’re saying really matters!

Tip #3: Personalize the Presentations

Engage your sales team on a personal level without letting things go too far. Make sure to provide time, or intermingle it throughout the presentation, where they’re voices and opinions can be heard and discussed. A more organic dynamic can go a long ways to getting to the real nitty gritty.

  • When you present numbers, don’t deliver them as cold data. That’s hard work in action. That’s blood, sweat and tears. Involve the folks that those numbers represent. They’ll pay far better attention that way.
  • Getting feedback is a way to personalize presentations and turn hard facts into interesting conversations that can really bring out the best.
  • No one likes an informal info-dump, so personalize it and watch how much more fulfilling it will be for everyone involved.
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