Performing at the Top Level in Sales

It’s not easy to be in the sales industry. Buyers may not have a sense of what products and services are available to solve their problems, or even that your company exists. The solution they need may be right under their nose the entire time, and that’s where effective sales people come in. Smart sales people know the ins and outs of lead conversion and how to make sure everyone wins.

What Makes a Good Sales Person?

A good sales person meets a number of criteria.

  • Great sales people focus on results. They are goal oriented, and can figure out an effective path to take to achieve their objectives.
  • Great sales people are self-starters. They manage themselves without becoming distracted, and do not need to be immediately supervised. Autonomous sales people have a lot of freedom, and carry a lot of responsibility as well.
  • Great sales people do not take rejection personally. This is one of the basics of being in the industry: you’re going to get a lot of “no” in comparison to “yes.”
  • Great sales people are persistent. In sales, it’s important to be resilient, and not to give up if they are rejected or lose a deal. They remember that selling is a time consuming process and that they need to be patient and keep at it.
  • Great sales people are good listeners. They often listen more than they talk, because without an intimate understanding of a client’s needs, they will not be able to provide solutions. They can then provide honest answers about the products and services available to meet – or not meet – the needs presented to them.
  • Great sales people are balanced. They approach the work with a good blend of introversion and extroversion, and know when to step up and when to pull back.

It Isn’t Easy to Find Good Sales People

It’s difficult to find great sales people. Many managers lower their standards because they have trouble finding the best performers out there under pressure. A lot of this is because of the bad reputation that sales people are pushy and are only in the business to make money on products that people don’t really want. There is little education and professional development available in sales. This makes recruiting all the more difficult.

Aim High in the Face of Adversity

It’s not easy to recruit a good sales person in today’s market, but with the will to work hard and learn the language, it’s possible to become an excellent sales person. It takes resilience, an ego that won’t be bruised, and self-motivation, but with the right tool set, a person with sales potential can become exactly what recruiters are looking for.


[Infographic] Anatomy Of A Top Performing Salesperson

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