How to Respond to 7 Common Sales Objections

One of the most terrifying words in the English language is ‘NO.’ It’s the spoken expression of rejection, and it can really sting. For those who work in sales or jobs that involve heavy amounts of negotiation, and interpersonal communication the word ‘NO’ sounds like a death sentence. And a long-term string of NO’s can turn into a situation that does more than just sound like a death sentence. Human being communicate with each other all day long. Our capacity for language is what distinguishes us as a species. But, because it comes naturally to us, many of us tend to take it for granted.

Those of us who have an aversion to hearing the word ‘NO’ need to stop doing that. Really elegant communication skills are an art form, something that requires practice, study, and long-term cultivation. For people who work in sales and negotiation jobs, communication is their bread and butter. The following infographic outlines a few of the ways people say ‘NO.” It also includes some of the techniques we teach in our corporate sales training and sales negotiation training programs, to ensure that ‘NO’ is not the last word in the conversation.

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