5 Qualities of the Best Negotiation Training Courses

Negotiation training can offer tremendous benefits to virtually any organization. Regardless of whether your company offers products and services to other businesses, consumers, or both, your team could learn valuable skills and expand on their existing negotiation skillsets by participating in the best negotiation training courses. More extensive self-assessment, exposure to new negotiation concepts, and better sales outcomes are just a few of the potential benefits of investing in the best negotiation training programs.

If you are interested in having your team participate in any type of negotiation workshop, it’s important to know the essential qualities of the best negotiation training courses. These courses are an investment, so be sure you get your money’s worth and choose a program that addresses your organization’s unique needs. Look for the following qualities as you narrow down your search for the best negotiation training solutions for your team.


Consider the size of your team and the scope of training you want them to experience. The best negotiation training program for your organization may be very different than the best option for one of your competitors. Be practical as you determine which option would be the best negotiation training solution for your team. For example, if you run a small operation with only a handful of sales representatives, a massive classroom-oriented workshop may not be an ideal investment. Similarly, if you intend for every member of your organization to participate in the training program, make sure the provider offers the right course formats to meet your needs.

You may also need to juggle some logistics to make sure your team experiences the full range of the negotiation training solutions you choose without sacrificing productivity. For example, if a training provider offers a series of three half-day courses in a program, you should try to arrange half of your team to participate in the sessions while the other half remains on-task with business operations, and then switch so your productivity doesn’t take a significant dip during training.

Customization Options

Some boxed programs can offer insights and effective training, but they may not address industry-specific pain points your team experiences on a regular basis, and they may not offer the type of training you expect. For example, if you have a seasoned team of sales representatives who simply want to strengthen their negotiation skills, you probably don’t need entry-level negotiation training modules.

The best negotiation training courses offer their clients the ability to customize their training programs to address specific issues and provide learning opportunities geared toward specific business objectives. Find a provider that allows you to tailor your training program to your business’s specific needs and goals when it comes to strengthening your negotiation skills.

Simulation-Driven Training

One of the best ways to learn is by doing. The best negotiation training courses offer some type of hands-on training modules and not simply instruction-based training. Simulations are incredibly effective when it comes to honing sales negotiation skills. If you want your team to have the best negotiation training experience possible, you should find a provider who offers the chance to put new concepts into practice in simulation exercises. It’s likely that most members of your team have completed some form of business school already, so basic lecture-style training will only offer so much in terms of growth and expanding on your team’s existing skills.

Experienced Training Facilitators and Instructors

If you’re going to invest in negotiation training for your organization, you want to work with the best negotiation training instructors and facilitators who can address your team’s unique needs and goals. As you search for the right provider, pay close attention to their credentials and professional experience. Most of the best negotiation training courses involve instructors and facilitators who have years of experience and success behind them in sales, influence, corporate leadership, and various other important topics.

Take time to research potential providers and look at past client testimonials and reviews on third-party sites like Google. These reviews can provide a tremendous level of insight and allow you to gain a better understanding of what it will be like to work with a provider before committing to expensive training courses. The best negotiation training courses should offer everything from entry-level sales training for representatives fresh out of business school to executive education for the highest levels of leadership in your organization.

Objective-Driven Training

If you want your team to learn the most effective negotiation concepts and put them into practice, a general overview of negotiation simply won’t suffice. You should invest in a negotiation training program that offers objective-driven instruction. This means every module of the learning path should gear toward accomplishing specific goals rather than offering generic advice. The best negotiation training courses will identify your team’s pain points and opportunities for growth and then provide objective-driven learning tools to help your team meet a wider range of situations with confidence.

Take your time to find the best negotiation training solution for your team. This is an important investment, so you want to do extensive research before committing to a program. If you take time to find a solution that addresses your unique business goals, you’ll find the investment well worth the time and expense in the long run.

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