SNI Presents at 2020 SAMA European Conference

Even during the time of a global pandemic, SNI remains active in a global fashion. Today, Partner and Master facilitator Jeff Cochran delivered a break-out session for the Strategic Account Management Association’s 2020 Virtual Pan-European Conference. Jeff was scheduled to be a part of the SAMA event live in Prague, but as it shifted to the virtual format, we adapted the content which ended up being by attended by individuals as close as Ellicott City, Maryland USA and as far as London, England, U.K. and Milano, Italy.

SAM’s from all over the world took part in a few of our signature skill isolating exercises and found them engaging, entertaining, and educational.

Perhaps one of the best moments of the session was the feedback one participant provided – “I did not like being fooled [by the exercise] but it drove the point very well that I do not probe as much as I should. However, I did remember the lesson from a previous session you conducted last year and have been successfully aiming high ever since and it has worked very well. I know this will do the same for asking questions!”

We are thrilled that this session and others we have done have had a real business impact on participants all over the world.

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