The Power of a Positive Attitude

Having a positive attitude may sound a bit trite, but in truth, it has a noticeable effect on the quality of people’s work. Those who focus on the negative and allow setbacks to crush their spirits tend to produce less and lower quality work. Below are a few ways of encouraging positive outlooks in the workplace, according to negotiations training experts.

  • Smile more. As silly as it sounds, smiling more has been shown to increase people’s happiness. The simple action of smiling makes a person feel happier, and by “pretending” to be happy, you will find that you truly are. Smiling at other people will also provoke positive feelings. It will compel them to smile back and feel the same happiness as you.
  • Focus on the positive. This is a bit more difficult and requires some self-control. In everything that happens throughout the day, look for the positive and celebrate it. When you forgot to bring your lunch to work, celebrate that you have an excuse to eat junk food from the vending machine. There are two sides to every situation, and constantly looking for the good will ultimately result in a positive and more productive attitude.
  • Appreciate what you have. Recognize and count your blessings every day. You could always be in a worse position. Your peace and thankfulness will inspire your coworkers, and bring positivity into the workplace.
  • Affirm your coworkers. Everyone has gifts and talents, and everyone likes to be recognized for their work. Affirm your coworkers for their strengths, and help them to recognize their worth if their esteem is low. You can make people’s day by letting them know that they are appreciated, and that attitude of appreciation and affirmation will eventually spread to your coworkers, as well.
  • Set goals. Setting goals is a good way to make sure you are productive. Set daily goals, for you and your coworkers to ensure that everyone feels accomplished upon completing a project. The feeling of success will lead to increased positive feelings for everyone at your workplace.
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