Shapiro Negotiations Institute Welcomes a Norwegian Partner

Today, SNI announces a new partnership with Roar Thun Waegger, currently an Associate Professor at the University of Oslo, who specializes in conflict resolution and negotiations. Roar, who recently started the Waegger Negotiations Institute, is a well-known professor and mediator in Scandinavia, and has extensively studied and applied the subject, including taking advanced courses at Harvard and Pepperdine Law Schools as well as training at the Shapiro Negotiations Institute.

Besides Roar’s impressive credentials, he understands, uses, and believes in SNI’s “Power of Nice” approach to negotiations. He will be taking SNI’s proven systematic approach to negotiations and teaching and consulting based on it in Norway.

An interest fact about Roar is that in July 2017, as a representative of the Norwegian Association of Lawyers, he hosted the International Negotiation Competition, a four-day event where 27 of the world’s best law students compete through mock negotiations.

Welcome to the team, Roar!

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