Is a Pharmaceutical Sales Certification Valuable?

A certification means you have successfully completed the coursework and have mastered a particular skill set. While the pharmaceutical sales industry does not require a specific degree, there are ways to show you have mastered what you need to know. Take a quick look at why having a pharmaceutical sales certification can benefit your career and get you ahead in your field.

Stand Out in a Crowd

When applying for a job, there can be a field of candidates with the same experience and skills. What will make you stand out from the crowd? Recruiters look for those candidates with experience and professional coursework on their resume, showing they know their field of study. The applicants without any experience or certifications get put on the bottom of the pile. Be sure to add your relevant coursework to your resume to get your name to the top of the list. A Pharmaceutical Sales Certification would definitely make this list of important qualifications.

The CNPR Certification

The industry standard is the CNPR (Certified National Pharmaceutical Representative). This certification shows you have mastered the coursework and have an understanding of the pharmaceutical sales field. CNPR status can be checked with a simple phone call or online search, which makes it easy for recruiters to check your status. As an entry-level sales representative, you may not have experience in the field, but having this stamp on your resume will really show you have the skills you need. The test consists of 160 questions that must be finished in less than 120 minutes. At 45 seconds per question, this means there is no time to stop and think. You must demonstrate mastery of the exam questions for a passing score.

Industry Standards

The pharmaceutical industry has a lot of standards to learn. You can be sure you have mastered what you need to know by earning a sales certification. The course will take you step-by-step through everything you need to know, ensuring no rock is left unturned. It’s the whole package deal and shows potential employers you have learned and mastered the industry standards to be able to jump right in. Rules and regulations for selling medication are fairly strict, and not knowing them can cost you your entire career. Why wouldn’t you want to be confident in your knowledge of the industry?

Know the Jargon

Sales representatives need to master medical jargon before heading out on their first sales calls. Unless you attended medical school, you will probably never have all the language, but there is no way you can sell a pharmaceutical to a doctor’s office or hospital without knowing your subject.

You are less likely to be taken seriously during a pitch if you do not sound like you know what you are talking about. When a client can’t take you seriously, there is no way they are going to trust you. A pharmaceutical sales certification shows potential customers as well as employers that you have the language and knowledge needed to make a pitch and relay the information in a way everyone can understand.

Experience Does Not Always Trump Education

Experience does not always come out on top for an entry-level position. Recruiters look for those most qualified for the position, and often that means the person with the most education wins. Experience in the sales field is a great thing, but if it has been done without the proper training, a company may spend more time and effort undoing previous techniques. Instead, they may opt to go with a candidate who is fresh from the certification test, who has learned the medical jargon, industry standards and carries the CNPR certification. Keep this in mind when crafting your resume. Be sure to list all relevant trainings as well as any experience you have had in the field, whether it be a sales position or a relevant medical-related field.

Thanks for reading and good look securing your certification. Once you do, you may very well find yourself going through one of our negotiation training or influence training programs!

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