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Shapiro Negotiations Institute (SNI) is the premier global provider of sales, influence, and negotiation training and consulting. Founded in 1995, and having trained over 250,000 professionals, we are the leader in training, consulting and keynotes in these three content areas. We focus on the bottom line, the people, and the tools that drive success for the world’s leading organizations.

Why do clients choose SNI? There are many reasons, but here are the most common four:

  1. Best-in-class facilitation – We have countless awards to prove it
  2. Unmatched customization and reinforcement – Everyone says they do it, but not to the extend we do
  3. Engaging and interactive experiences – One of the reasons our training is so “sticky”
  4. Immediate and sustained business impact – Check out our cases studies

Founded by Ron ShapiroNew York Times Bestselling Author, Attorney, Educator, Sports Agent, and Civic Leader – SNI’s content is based on decades of lessons and four best-selling books. Ultimately our clients feel that we provide them with a competitive advantage, maximizing their ability to create mutually beneficial and profitable long-term relationships with peers, vendors, and customers. We do this through implementing a systematic approach, along with client-specific tools and techniques that can be used immediately and repeated with precision.

We are also known for our innovative online training, and we are constantly pushing the envelope on the most effective ways to use technology to improve performance. A few highlights include:

  • Award-winning live training that leverages real-time simulations
  • On-demand resources such as our mobile app
  • Videotaped role-play and individualized coaching
  • Virtual reality and artificial intelligence based applications
  • Integration with CRM systems

Training Programs


Most companies often provide the “What to do” to their sales team, but rarely ever provide them the “How to do it”. Implement habits and tools that increase sales performance.

Based on our best-selling book, the Power of Nice. Implements a systematic approach to negotiations – the 3Ps (Prepare, Probe, and Propose) to maximize negotiation results while building relationships.

Our updated approach takes what Aristotle taught in 350 B.C. around how people make decisions – based on credibility, emotion, and logic – and provides a practical framework to influence people.

Our Leadership

Andres Lares

Managing Partner

Advisor, Deal Coach, Innovator, Thought leader, Award-winning Trainer.

Jeff Cochran


Top Rated Speaker, Business Leader, Educator, and Entertainer. “Best in the Business”

Ron Shapiro

Founder, Advisor

Expert Negotiator, Sports Agent, Attorney, Educator, New York Times Bestselling Author

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