Sales Enablement

What is Sales Enablement?

Sales enablement is more than just training.

Sales enablement is a comprehensive approach that starts with recruiting the right talent and continues with thorough onboarding to equip them with necessary product knowledge, skills, and company processes. It includes establishing a coaching framework for ongoing skill development and collaboration, as well as implementing technology to enhance sales efficiency and effectiveness. A key aspect is the regular measurement and analysis of new initiatives, allowing for fine-tuning and scaling of successful strategies to optimize sales performance. Keep reading to learn about the benefits of sales enablement, what tools to use, why the future of sales requires these processes and more.

Benefits of Sales Enablement

Boost Efficiency

Optimized Resource Utilization: Sales enablement streamlines the sales process by integrating advanced tools and methodologies. This optimization leads to a more efficient use of resources, allowing sales teams to focus on high-impact activities rather than administrative tasks.

Accelerated Sales Cycles: By providing sales teams with ready access to relevant information and tools, sales enablement significantly reduces the time taken from lead generation to closing deals. This acceleration is key to maintaining a competitive edge in the fast-paced sales environment.

Enhance Training and Onboarding

Rapid Skill Acquisition: Effective sales enablement ensures that new hires are quickly brought up to speed with tailored training programs. These programs are designed to impart essential product knowledge, sales techniques, and company processes, ensuring a smooth transition into the sales team.

Continuous Learning and Development: Beyond initial training, sales enablement fosters an environment of continuous learning. This approach ensures that sales teams are always equipped with the latest strategies and insights, keeping them agile and effective in a constantly evolving market.

Remain Consistent in Sales Messaging

Unified Communication: Sales enablement ensures that all sales representatives are on the same page regarding product offerings, value propositions, and brand messaging. This consistency is crucial in building a strong, coherent brand image that resonates with customers.

Enhanced Brand Integrity: Consistent sales messaging across all touchpoints reinforces brand integrity and trustworthiness. It ensures that customers receive a uniform experience, regardless of whom they interact with from the sales team.

Improve Customer Experience

Personalized Customer Interactions: Sales enablement tools enable sales teams to access detailed customer data, allowing for highly personalized interactions. This personalization leads to more meaningful conversations, fostering stronger customer relationships.

Responsive and Informed Engagement: With comprehensive knowledge at their fingertips, sales teams can respond promptly and accurately to customer inquiries and needs. This responsiveness not only improves customer satisfaction but also positions the sales team as trusted advisors in the eyes of the customer.

Increase Sales and Revenue

Higher Conversion Rates: By equipping sales teams with the right tools, training, and information, sales enablement directly contributes to higher conversion rates. Sales representatives are better prepared to address customer pain points and effectively communicate the value proposition.

Maximized Revenue Opportunities: Sales enablement strategies focus on optimizing sales processes and identifying upsell and cross-sell opportunities. This focus leads to an increase in average deal size and, consequently, overall revenue growth.

Who Owns Sales Enablement?

The answer to this question is very much dependent on the company and industry. That being said, sales enablement is typically a joint effort between marketing and the sales team. Clear definitions of each team and individual’s role are important so accountability and processes can be evaluated.
Marketing crafts essential resources and content, equipping sales representatives with tools for effective customer engagement.

Conversely, sales provide critical insights, shaping and refining these resources for maximum impact. Together, these departments forge a unified strategy, enhancing sales effectiveness and driving business growth.

Sales Enablement Tools

A strong sales enablement program leverages
the incredible tools and technology that are available today.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems

AI-Based Coaching Platforms

Sales Enablement Platforms

Prospecting Tools

Communication Tools

Video Communication Tools

Learning Management Systems (LMS)

Why Sales Enablement is The Future

According to Gartner Research salespeople will only have 5% of the decision maker’s time during the buying journey.

Decision makers spend more time reaching online independently than they do meeting with all potential suppliers. And, the number of people involved in a b2b buying decision has grown to six to ten.

This means salespeople need to sell to committees, not just individuals, procurement organizations, not just the end user; ultimately, they are selling to multiple sophisticated and informed buyers.

What Does the Buying Process Look Like?

Our research indicates that it is as follows:


Identify the

Do we need something?



What is out there that can help us?



Narrow down solutions and investigate each in more detail


Select and
Implement Solutions

Choose a solution and implement it



Maintain it, iterate improvements, and continue to leverage it
The biggest mistake that we see sales organizations make is that they implement a sales process and their salespeople are more focused on their own process than the decision making and buying process of the buyer. The buyer does not care if you are in the prospecting or value proposition stage, they want the information they feel is necessary to make an informed and confident decision.

What Results Can You Expect From Sales Enablement?

The best sales enablement organizations are relentless in their measuring and reporting of key metrics.

Their objective is to improve performance. To do so, they must first identify their desired outcomes, then target a set of related indicators, and track them before and after the implementation of new tools, training, or processes.

While there are simply too many variables to come up with perfect results, the metrics should demonstrate a causal relationship in the right direction and provide a sense of the magnitude of the impact.

Metrics such as:

Sales Enablement Best Practices

The best sales enablement professionals understand that the relationship between their function, sales leaders, and the sales team is absolutely critical. They even act as liaisons with marketing at times. They must build credibility, work closely with, and be valued by sales leaders. And, salespeople must want what they offer – whether it be the sales training or sales enablement tools that are available. Ultimately, communication is a key skill within this role because you have your internal client – the sales leader, your end user – salespeople, your external client – the company’s client, and many other stakeholders – such as finance managing budgets, marketing creating collateral, training developing and hiring outside training partners, etc. Getting everyone rowing in the same direction is a challenge!


While sales enablement is much more than just training, many of our clients feel our negotiation training is a key aspect within their sales enablement strategy because it addresses the very metrics they are trying to improve – close rates, deal velocity, etc. in a practical an engaging way. Additionally we reinforce the content with our mobile app, email campaigns, video roleplay and coaching, managers field guides, and other tools that salespeople can utilize when they need it.

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