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Raising the Bar for Excellence in Negotiation and Influence Training

The Reality for Learning and Development Leaders

No one said your job was easy! Learning and Development (L&D) teams must overcome complex challenges to help their companies find meaningful training solutions for leadership and lasting success. Resource allocation, cross-departmental collaboration and stakeholder management are priorities that must be navigated with influence and persuasion before better deals with vendors and contractors can be struck. Keeping pace with ever-changing corporate training requirements and methodologies is easier with a trusted partner by your side.

The Possibilities

Advanced negotiation techniques that nurture engagement, inspire influence and cultivate collaboration are key to attracting, educating and retaining people for the long haul. SNI’s corporate training empowers teams across multiple industries with the communications skills and problem-solving abilities to master ethical negotiations and vendor management.

  • Gain insights into advanced negotiation strategies and tactics
  • Master the ability to articulate, listen and engage in constructive dialogue
  • Build and sustain lasting relationships with internal and external stakeholders
  • Develop the versatility to negotiate successfully in fast-changing situations
  • Learn to identify and overcome challenges during negotiations
  • Optimize sales!

L&D Teams That Trust SNI


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