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SNI believes that instructor-led classroom training continues to be the most reliable way to create behavioral change in the workplace. With that said, blended learning is a mainstay of training and needs to be considered for both its financial and logistical benefits. Regardless of the format, SNI ensures success by taking participants through a customized experience of engaging exercises that challenge their current mode of thinking and ultimately provides long-term skill building rather than merely a training “event.” To accomplish this SNI follows its three stage approach: Design, Deliver, Drive Results.

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Negotiation Training
Corporate Sales Training
Influence Training


SNI provides coaching and consulting services to executives and leadership teams to work through real-time organizational and customer challenges. We employ the same systematic processes and tools used in our training programs to plan, strategize, and solve these challenges. If appropriate, SNI determines any gaps in current processes or operational structure that may hinder the success of a specific internal goal, sales strategy, or negotiation.


Sometimes there is not enough time, money, or desire to invest in a full-scale training program. That’s why we created the SNI Signature Series Keynote. This is an excellent option for that corporate retreat, annual meeting, conference keynote, association event, or executive summit. Short on time but high on impact, these presentations are delivered by the same SNI Professionals that facilitate our core training programs, and are full of the same educational and entertainment value. What makes our keynotes special? All of our facilitators have the E’s: Experience in business, Educational excellence, and Entertainment ability.


It’s essential that people have the opportunity to learn through different avenues in today’s global working environments. Workforces continue to become more diverse and more decentralized and technology continues to improve. LMS, Smartphones, and Virtual Reality have taken traditional training concepts to an entirely new realm. From modular on-demand training to live simulation-based sessions to comprehensive mobile applications, SNI has effective e-learning options for any situation.

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