Customer Service Training

Turn Interactions to Opportunities

Our Specialized Approach

Good customer service is something your entire organization should strive for, from the people manning your phones to the team working your sales floor. The simple truth of the matter is that if your customers are happy, they’ll come back—and they’ll bring their friends, too.


At Shapiro Negotiations Institute, we’ll provide your team with effective customer service training to help you build solid, long-lasting relationships with your customer base. Through personalized training you will gain:

  • Deeper insight into individual situations to recognize what the customer really wants
  • An ability to direct conversations toward mutually beneficial outcomes
  • Better control of emotions when working with agitated customers
  • Creative problem-solving skills

Why Customer Service Skills Matter

When your team interacts with a customer, it’s easy for them to fall into the trap of only focusing on making the sale. After all, that’s their job—convincing the customer to buy the product or service. Once that’s happened, the job is done. Except it’s not.


It’s important to make sure your team recognizes the importance of customer service. The way you treat your customers before, during, and after the actual sale can have long-lasting effects on your business. That’s where our customer service training comes in. SNI offers valuable training to teach your team the necessary skills to not only make the sale, but to keep your customers satisfied throughout the entire process.


When your customers leave happy, they are less likely to return the item or complain later about the service they received, and they’re more likely to  come back to buy from you again. Beyond that, happy customers tend to boast about positive experiences. That means their friends, family, and coworkers will likely hear about your business and come to check it out for themselves. Word-of-mouth marketing carries extreme value.

What Our Courses Cover

SNI’s Customer Service Training focuses on improving participant’s ability to navigate conversations, probe to find the other side’s wants, propose solutions that satisfy the client, and deal with particularly difficult customers.


Participants are introduced to a Directive Probing Model that enables them to facilitate the customer to “self-discover” their needs, rather than telling the other side what they should want.


By learning about the customer’s situation, presenting the features or benefits that best serve their needs, and following fundamental proposal guidelines, participants will learn to identify and offer successful solutions that also satisfy the other side.


Should a challenging encounter occur, this program equips participants with habits and tools that enable them to neutralize their emotions, identify personality types, and control the situation through a variety of interactive role-play scenarios, exercises, and group discussions.


Ultimately, participants a walk away with a process to turn Interactions into Opportunities.

Custom Approach + Measurable Results

Your organization is unique, and at SNI, we believe that training sessions should be tailored to each team. That’s why, when you work with us to develop a customer service training program, we’ll build a curriculum that matches your team’s needs. We’ll look at your employees’ abilities and develop a plan to capitalize on the strengths and shore up the weaknesses.


For customer service training to be truly effective, it takes more than just a one-shot session. It takes time and serious effort to deliver the training your team needs and make it sink in. We could gather your team into a room and talk to them for several hours, but we want to deliver lasting results. For that to happen, we focus on three critical aspects as we design and deliver your customer service training program.

Who Will Benefit

While the phrase “customer service” immediately brings forward-facing positions like sales and call center workers to mind, our training isn’t limited to these workers. Anyone who regularly interacts with customers is a prime candidate, from customer service representatives to supervisors, team leaders, and managers.


Anyone in these positions has a good chance of working directly with a customer, whether it be internal or external, and it’s important that they are prepared and effective. A single interaction could mean the difference between an unhappy client that never returns and one who is thrilled with your organization and loyal for life.

Who We Serve

SNI works with clients across a wide range of industries. We have provided training to companies within banking, media, sports teams, telecommunications, pharmaceutical, medical device, professional services, and more. That’s why we put so much care into building specially-tailored programs for each client.   To find out more about SNI’s training programs and learn what we can do for your company, fill out the form below:

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