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Institutionalizing Core Negotiations Skills Globally

Verizon Business - Negotiations Skills

The Situation

SNI was asked to build a negotiation training curriculum for multiple job disciplines within Verizon including Sales, Marketing, Offer Management, Leadership, and Finance.

This worldwide initiative required SNI to integrate its solution to the existing business training platform.

The SNI Solution

SNI designed a customized curriculum to integrate our core negotiation philosophy, approach, and tools across all job disciplines. The programs were delivered by SNI and also through a train-the-trainer program utilizing Verizon internal trainers across the world and eventually teaching over 4,000 team members.

Those taught through the train-the-trainer process were given our material, activities, methods and strategies for effectively teaching the program. In order to complete the certification process, they had to not only learn the material and show their ability to successfully perform the training but also had to demonstrate their knowledge by scoring at least a 90% on the train-the-trainer exit exam. Although requirements such as this led to not every registrant becoming certified through the program, it ensured SNI’s accountability and ability to guarantee the uniform delivery and success of our product.

To further strengthen the effect of the training, SNI reinforced the content for months after the program. This process consisted of using numerous tools such as customized manager reinforcement sessions, online webinars, and real deal consulting.

The Impact

“We partnered with SNI after evaluating a number of Negotiations Systems. Some were too administratively focused, some were too academic in their approach and some were very rigid. What we were looking for when we created our negotiations process was a tailored methodology specifically designed for selling Verizon’s value add in the hyper competitive telecommunications marketplace. We also needed the content to be delivered to a diverse audience across the world by both world- class instructors and our internal staff. SNI fit the bill. What made the difference in implementation was that the fundamental skills you teach in negotiations (preparation, probing, proposing) were supported by a system and tools that leadership could use to drive accountability throughout the negotiation process. In addition the content was designed to address the precise needs of our organization. Needless to say the impact has been significant and our deal teams are using the SNI process and tools successfully every day.”

–VP Sales & Marketing, Verizon Enterprise Solutions


Sample Comments from Post-Program Survey

“I recently used my new negotiation skills while negotiating a $300K maintenance agreement. The customer wanted us to offer the same $50K credit they got last year, I had to explain to them that the program only applies when their TBR goes up. I was able to overcome the objections and show the value of our service. And we won the business.”

“A customer wanted to replace the call center server and did not have the budget to pay for the proposed solution, with the use of the negotiation skills we were able to increase the deal from $25K to $50K.”

The Result

Immediately following the training, SNI worked with Verizon to measure the effectiveness of the program within their sales force.

SNI was so confident in the value of the training that it partnered with Verizon to conduct a ROI study showcasing the impact that our habits and tools had on their sales team. The sales force for one business unit within Verizon Enterprise Solutions tracked their performance for the first 90 days following the training. Verizon recognized an immediate impact on their team which directly influenced their bottom line.

Verizon’s initial investment for the program was $549,013, including training fees plus expenses, participant time out of the field, etc.

They realized an immediate impact after taking part in the training. The reported increase in revenue attributed to utilizing the skills and tools taught in the SNI Program for just one business unit amounted to $2,183,900.

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The leadership team identified an increase in the win ratio for deals as a result of increased internal collaboration using the SNI Systematic Approach.

The SNI program has been delivered to over 4,000 Verizon employees across the world and is part of the Verizon core curriculum moving forward.

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