Sales Optimization: Tools, Habits, Process for Greater Sales Success

Integrated Sales Training

Most companies follow a standard model – they have existing sales platforms and methodologies, their sales representatives are trained on territory management or armed with basic sales skills, and the pipeline generation process may be reasonably successful at performing client follow-ups and creating a steady influx of new prospects. That model equips company salespeople with the “What To Do” part of the process; however, what is often missing is the “How To Do It.” In most cases the sales people are missing the habits, tools, and job aids that allow them to close more deals, faster, and at higher margins.

SNI’s Corporate Sales Training program takes our client’s existing sales platform and then incorporates our tools, habits, skills, behaviors, and systematic process. This creates an arena where companies are able to enhance the ROI on the existing sales methodology and where salespeople are able to continue utilizing a process with which they are comfortable. The true definition of “Win-win.”

SNI’s Systematic Approach to Sales

The following is the systematic approach we implement around your sales process in order to maximize the effectiveness of your salespeople. Unlikely standard corporate sales training, our approach, habits, and tools are integrated into your sales process. Many of our clients refer to this program as Sales Optimization.

Sales Training

Prospecting: Any good sales funnel needs plenty of prospects. Where do they come from? How do they become a lead?

Lead Qualification: You have a prospect on the hook, but what is his/her value? How do you qualify them and make a good first impression?

Engage: This is the stage where you must listen, understand, position your product based on their need, and then overcome any objections. Ultimately, it comes down to what is the potential customer trying to achieve, improve, or avoid? And how are you going to connect your product/service to it?

Action: Maximizing the “yeses” and minimizing the “nos.” That said, no is not the worst-case scenario – indecision and lack of action is.

Support: Good sales people service their clients well, over-deliver on what they sold, and grow their relationships. It is much easier to re-sell and grow existing clients than it is to sell new ones. Go above and beyond and become a trusted advisor – you will rarely lose a client.

Evaluate: The best sales people are constantly evaluating their own performance. How did I do? What can I learn? And, the best sales organizations figure out how to organize that information and leverage it across their sales people.

Sample Course Outline

Take a look at a typical sales training program

Module 1

The Systematic Approach

This module introduces participants to SNI’s Systematic Approach to Sales, PLEASE, as outlined above. Whether it gets bolted on to your sales process or it becomes your sales process, this module lays the ground work for the rest of the program.

Module 2

Capturing Value and Making Trades

An effective sales professional knows how to succinctly demonstrate value by selling the benefits to the other party versus the products/services features. Additionally, participants learn to make trades and capture an adequate amount of value in return for concessions they are being asked to make.

Module 3

Overcoming Objections

This module offers a series of techniques to handle potential customers’ objections. Additionally, answers to common company-specific objections are developed so that participants can successfully overcome them with confidence.

Module 4

Sales Tactics 

This module teaches participants how to recognize and respond to negotiation tactics by utilizing a three-step method.

Benefits of SNI’s Sales Training:

  • Learn how to build trust with the customers
  • Improve your ability to position and capture value
  • Learn to better understand and leverage your alternatives
  • Internalize a series of techniques to overcome objections
  • Develop key probing questions to find out what your potential customer really wants
  • Learn how to recognize and respond to various sales tactics


“I went out on a great sales call with one of my reps today.  Before going in we did some pre-call planning using SNI’s PAID model and it really helped us put together our strategy.  We also were able to negotiate our way through various issues effectively and with confidence.  I think this was one of the best sales training’s we’ve ever had.  Not to use a cliché, but this training was truly a WIN-WIN for your company and ours.” 

–Sales Director,
ADP TotalSource

“The seminar put on by the SNI has already paid big dividends in my sales career…the seminar taught me many valuable techniques for improving my skills  in sales as well as helping my confidence and motivation.  One month after the seminar, I am close to reaching 50% of my sales goals for the entire year…the SNI session certainly gave me many good ideas and techniques for my sales career.”

–Director of Sales & Service,
New York Yankees

“SNI’s ability to identify the specific areas of skill gap and build a program that directly addressed those gaps is unmatched in my training experience.  That, coupled with the dynamic training events, has helped us to drastically impact the skill level of our sales force and make a measurable impact on our bottom line results this year.”

TEKsystems (A Division of Allegis Group)


Because of the close-to-the-bottom-line nature of our sales optimization program, SNI not only allows, we actually suggest that our clients measure the impact of our training. From participant reaction, measured with evaluations – to behavior, measured through observation by management team – to ROI, typically measured through Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), we partner with our clients to make sure they are able to track the impact of our programs.

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