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The Power of Nice: How to Negotiate So Everyone Wins - Especially You!

Stop Searching.

SNI brings 20 years, 6 continents, and 350,000 participants of negotiation training experience. Work with us and get Instant Impact. Sustainable Skills. Measurable Results.

Our negotiation training program focuses on implementing a systematic process that maximizes deals with suppliers, vendors, and customers and helps maintain an ongoing relationship long after "the deal is done."

Participants learn SNI’s Systematic Approach to negotiation – the 3 Ps:

  • Prepare - How to use SNI’s proven preparation planning tool. Preparation is the only aspect of negotiation over which you have complete control.
  • Probe – A model to help structure and ask more effective probing questions as well as listen to every detail in the answers.  
  • Propose – Several fundamental rules for making proposals that facilitate participants getting more of what they want while leaving them the ability to make necessary concessions.

Additional advanced customized modules are available based on specific industry and organization needs. The following are a few examples of other modules that could be included within our negotiation training:

  • Capture Value - Learn how to identify the precise value that one delivers to clients and learn how to identify and capture that value.
  • Overcoming Objections - Series of techniques to overcome objections through a five-step process and develop specific answers to common objections that can be immediately applied.
  • Tactics - How to use negotiation tactics and how to recognize and respond to if the other side uses them.
  • Mastering Negotiation - Videotaped role play simulating real or realistic negotiations that allows participants to see themselves and be coached in real-time.

Sample Clients

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SNI’s negotiation training includes extensive simulation for participants to practice their enhanced negotiation skills.  Participants have the opportunity to work on a current situation so that they can immediately have real life application of the lessons taught during the program.  This type of instant application provides the opportunity for managers to immediately assess the impact of the course on their teams’ effectiveness outside of the classroom.

Our negotiation training is customized to address your organizational and industry issues.  Through a combination of discussions and interactive exercises, you will learn to cultivate lasting relationships and craft "WIN-win” negotiation strategies.

Organizations that go through our negotiations training benefit from:

  • Closing more deals, faster, and at better margins
  • Developing deeper business relationships to improve their bottom line
  • Increasing confidence and results in negotiations
  • Collaborating more effectively internally and externally

Our negotiation training can be delivered in various ways:

  • Classroom Training - SNI believes that instructor-led classroom training continues to be the most impactful method to drive sustained behavioral change. Within this modality, SNI offers classroom training ranging from a half-day to three-days in length.
  • Keynotes - Whether it's a conference, regional meeting, or executive retreat, sometimes the most effective message is short on time, but high on impact.
  • Consulting - Includes working with clients on real deals to be better prepared, design strategy and communication, and/or identify content and skill gaps.
  • Virtual Training - From adaptive learning platforms to interactive mobile training, SNI provides an array of virtual training solutions to meet the demanding needs of any organization.

We've seen it all. We know the challenges and heard the excuses. We'll make you better.

Still not sure? Check out a few of our client case studies or testimonials.

Give us a call to find out more about our negotiation training at 1-800-665-4764. Or, take a look at our sales training and influence training programs to find out how they could have an impact on your organization.

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