Dan Parsons


Dan Parsons


As a Facilitator at the Shapiro Negotiations Institute, Dan focuses on providing customized negotiation training all over the world.

Experience and Client History

When Dan is not teaching negotiations, he is presenting on a wide range of topics including presentation skills, leadership, sales, and customer service.

He brings with him over 25 years of experience, generally making more than 200 presentations per year and achieving over  90%  “exceeded expectations” in customer surveys.

Dan has worked with organizations including Bank of America,  Microsoft,  Marriott  International,  Inc., Sherwin  Williams,  NFL  Players  Association, Sinclair the World  Bank Group,  Inter-American  Development  Bank  Group,  and Boeing, as well as multiple Federal  Government agencies, including the GSA,  CIA,  FBI,  and many more.

Professional Background

Prior to training and coaching at the Shapiro Negotiations Institute and Dale  Carnegie, Dan spent 23 years in the airline industry serving in numerous leadership positions at US Airways including Director of National  Account Sales and Manager of Government  &  Military  Sales.    Dan also served for five years as the Director of Marketing and Customer Service for US Airways  Express.


Dan  holds  a  Bachelor  of  Science  Degree  from  Middle  Tennessee  State  University,  with  a  Major  in Business  Administration.    Dan  is  a  commercially  rated  pilot  and  also  holds  a  U.S.  Coast  Guard  50  Ton Master  Commercial  Captain’s  License.

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